26 February 2014

Latest works


Born to hide, born to die

Little snails, little nails

What moon songs do you sing your babies?

Tear, tore, torn

You threw me away today (Portrait of Cara Delevingne)

Flash it around



Sometimes hate is enough to turn this all to ashes

As deaf as a post

I like U (Self-portrait)

Breaking the same old ground

I smell of sin and shame

When I undo my belt you melt and walk away

Let sleeping dogs lie.
(The figure on the left is a watercolour drawing. The figure on the right is a picture from a magazine. Both figures create an integrated whole). 

The art of feeling hunger (portrait of Gemma Ward)

Pink or black fate (portrait of Gemma Ward)

Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell (portrait of Gemma Ward)

One of my works used to illustrate a tale: http://www.culturaminerva.com/arte/el-angel-del-siglo/

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