2 July 2017


I´ve been working as a tattoo artist for almost 3 years now, but today was the first time I drew one of my portraits on skin. On the skin of one of my dearest friends. I still need to improve my technique quite a lot, though I´m really glad with the result!

Tattoo designs and tattoos by Mentiradeloro

Original tattoo and design by @mentiradeloro

Original lilium tattoo by @mentiradeloro

Cat skull tattoo By @Mentiradeloro

Cat tattoo
By @Mentiradeloro

Pointillism flower tattoo
By @mentiradeloro

Shutter eye tattoo and design by Mentiradeloro

Red poppy tattoo and design by Mentiradeloro (Tattoo repair)

#bumblebee tattoo by @mentiradeloro

Floral design and Tattoo by mentiradeloro.
Self-tattoo. Cover up.

Tattoo design

Doctor plague tattoo by @mentiradeloro Cover up. First session



Final result

Cover up process

Sketch and final result

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