8 March 2016

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One last thought

"Dreams burn at dusk" When reality becomes a dream, when the dream becomes a nightmare ... When the nightmare becomes reality. When there is not other choice but setting oneself on fire and be reborn as the Phoenix.

"Breathe" This work captures how solitude and retreat is something necessary sometimes. That need of getting lost and then finding oneself. How we need to breath deeply and start again. How we have to go over all those mountainous places that are hidden in our guts. That need of running, jumping and finally being able to reach the top of those places to find the sun again.


Here you can watch a bit of its creative process:

"You snatched my entrails"When love hurts so deeply that you feel how your guts are torn from you.. and all those feelings become vacuum, uncertainty... nothing.

Here you can watch a bit of its creative process

And then her soul withered

Rage against the reflection
"Hoy volví a pensar en tí,
porque ayer me mentí,
y me dije que te había olvidado.

Pero el olvidar es complicado,
porque cada vez que te recuerdo
se me olvida un poco más... el olvidarte."

By Mentiradeloro


"Today I thought of you again,
because I lied to myself yesterday,
believing that I had forgotten about you.

But forgetting is complicated,
because every time I remember you
I forget a little more ... about how to forget you. "

By Mentiradeloro

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