20 July 2016

I've just finished my latest watercolour collection

Today I'm glad to announce that I've just finished my latest watercolour collection. A collection that has recently been framed and which is currently for sale on a fantastic Art Gallery called Flecha.
All the frames have been created by hand using old and vintage materials. Some of the frames are windows rescued from abandoned houses.

You can have a look at the works or purchase them here:

These are the works that form the collection, and some pictures of the framed works.

And then her soul withered


Dreams burn at dusk

I buried my heart but it took root

Pero tu no estabas allí, Solo estaba tu recuerdo y mi soledad haciéndose compañía

Rage against the reflection

She built a castle to look for her prince, and so she forgot to look for herself

Tell me a fucking happy ending story

Tell me a happy ending story Vol.2
The longest journey begins with a single step

Yo soy el loro feróz

You snatched my entrails

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