23 November 2022

Oily orange

Original traditional oil painting technique in digital format by @Mentiradeloro

(Digital Portrait with a Traditional Style in Photoshop)


Reference picture and creative process:

15 November 2022

Fashion Reimagined Themes & Variations Exhibition

Set of original illustrations commissioned by The Mint Museum (Charlotte, NC, USA).

The illustrations were created for the exhibition "Fashion Reimagined: Themes & Variations 1760 – Now". Fashion Reimagined featured 50 outstanding examples of fashionable dress drawn entirely from the permanent collection of The Mint Museum. Encompassing a wide range of attire, the exhibition included men’s and women’s fashions from 1760 to 2022.

The exhibit had people holding up these illustrated pieces in front of a mirror as if they tried on the clothes as if they were paper dolls.

Original works created with watercolour, India ink, colored pencils and graphite.

24 October 2022

Kind of red

Personal project.

Original work made with watercolour, India ink, colored pencils, chalk pastel and graphite. Contextualized as a fictional book cover.

Original content from: 

14 October 2022


Cover illustration for the album «Tulpa» by the musical group Piolet.

Work made with watercolour, India ink, colored pencils, and graphite.